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cabin in the woods
My interpretation of Cabin in the Woods

The characters, all of which are the classic group in horror movies (virgin, jock, fool, slut, nerd) go in to rural america (also a cliche, as a rule American horrors are in the country and British horrors are in the city). It then becomes a standard slasher movie, even the first kill is a horror cliche as the jock and slut go away from the group to have sex and get attacked. The guys controlling everything to make sure things go as planned are the script writers and they rely on tired old cliches. The rest of the people in the lab are the film crew. the director is the director. The group are the actors.

If you notice they say each region has its own rules for the sacrifice just like each country has it own cliches for horror movies. So, as they are in America, they have to follow the cliches for American horror movies or the ancient gods (who are the audience) will get mad. But, things dont go as planne. First of all the characters are all wrong, the fool is the guy who figures everything out therefore should be the scholar, it is mentioned numerous times that the virgin is not a virgin and should be the slut, the jock is actually really smart as aeen when he talks about which books Dana should read and it is mentioned he is a sociology major, the slut acts like a fool mentioning she doesnt like to read, and the scholar doesnt appear to be as smart as the jock but does have a six pack and catches the football when it flew out the window. Also it is the "fool" that survives and figures out that their being filmed. So this is where the cliches end, they have veered off course by having the fool survive and figuring out that they are being manipulated, it is no longer the typical American horror formula.

When they go down the elevator they see the other monsters they could have chosen, all resembling characters from classic horrors like Pinhead from Hellraiser and IT. But, they are not the actual characters, they are imitations. This highlights the lack of originalty in modern American horror movies. Everything is a rehash of past ideas. They are told by the director that the fool must die because in 8 minutes the sun comes up and if the Ancients (the audience) are not happy they will destroy the world (the film ends 8 mins later so the house lights will come up). This refers to how modern horror movies (or torture porn as Joss Whedon has called it) are used to satisfy the masses taste for blood and are not really looking to be great or original movies. In the end they let the world end saying "its time to give someone else a chance" maybe meaning that young directors with originality and innovation need to take the horror genre forward (notice how other countries had failed to sacrifice such as japan as they have already been making good horror film in the last decade).

Anyway thats my take.

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You are probably onto something there, Joss Whedon manages to infuse originality into most of his creations and it must be galling for him to see stuff like Twilight so successful by being so generic!

I liked how the movie terminated with the world ending, when was the last Hollywood production that finished with the destruction of Earth (especially a voluntary one) and not the happy ending?!

It's typical that Cabin In The Woods took 3 years to be properly released while shit movie franchises knock out movies like a slag knocks out babies in the meantime!

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