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The chicken and egg conundrum...
The unsolvable riddle of what came first, chicken or egg. It has baffled people for centuries. Now you may be thinking "but with all our advances in the understanding of evolution surely we must know the chronology of such things by now, and indeed we do. If you are talking about eggs in general then the answer is egg. There were eggs on this earth before there we chickens, that is a fact. But, you may say "well it is implied that the egg in question is a chicken egg." Ah, but a chicken egg, or a chicken's egg? Both variants have different answers. Thus, the riddle remains unsolved, not because we don't have the answers, but we don't know the question.

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Haha! This made me laugh!

Oh and I'm glad Jesus is finally taking credit for murdering JFK, not letting some patsy take the rap for it ;P!

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